Tennis Shops in Singapore

Ace Your Game: Top Places to Buy High-Quality Tennis Gear in Singapore – Featuring the Best Tennis Shops

High-Quality Tennis Brands

There are several high-quality tennis brands that are well-known for producing top-notch tennis equipment, including rackets, strings, shoes, and apparel for players of all levels. Some include Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Asics, Prince, etc.

Best 6 In-store Tennis Shops


Tennis Hub provides professional racket stringing and a wide range of tennis equipment and supplies. It is located at Coronation Shopping Plaza.

Address: 587 Bukit Timah Road #02-44 Singapore 269707

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 am – 7.30 pm)


In the Central Business District, there is actually a very highly qualified tennis stringer, Sharon Yeo, and her shop String-Fix, located conveniently at Raffles Place, in Hong Leong Building, which is one of the best tennis stringing services in Singapore.

Sharon is an ATP Tennis Stringer who was part of the Official Stringing Team for the Malaysia Open 2010. Sharon has strung tennis racquets for several big name tennis stars such as David Ferrer, Scott Lipsky, Lu Yen Hsun, Roger Vasseli, Michal Przysiezny, and Michael Russel.

But most importantly of all, Sharon is a committed, dedicated, and meticulous stringer who goes out of her way to provide the highest quality service to her tennis-playing customers in Singapore.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (10.30 am – 7.00 pm)
Saturdays (10.30 am – 2.30 pm.)

Address: 16 Raffles Quay #B1-36, Singapore 048581


Gala Sports is located in Queensway Shopping Centre. It presents a unique and comprehensive collection of branded items across various sports. Additionally, they extend their services to include badminton and tennis stringing.

Address: 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (11 a.m.-8 p.m.)


Located in Far East Shopping Centre, Leisure Sports is a Tennis Pro Shop, which specializes in retailing tennis equipment and providing restringing services.

Address: 545 Orchard Road #B1-11, Singapore 238882

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (11 am–7 pm)


Transworld Sports is located in Queensway Shopping Centre.

Address: 1 Queensway, #02-39, Singapore 149053

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11.30 am-7.15 pm)


DECATHLON stands out as a noteworthy destination for tennis enthusiasts in Singapore, offering a comprehensive selection of tennis equipment, including restringing services, rackets, and balls. The store’s prominence lies not only in the variety of products available but also in the affordability and quality of its offerings.

Address and opening hours: 15 outlets

SEATennis is a one-man team, run by Chester. He no longer sells tennis equipment and only strings rackets. To contact him, WhatsApp at 98805413.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (1 pm-8.30 pm) Appointment needed.

Address: 75A Lengkong Empat, Singapore 417654

Online Shops to Buy Tennis Equipment


ASICS is a Japanese athletic equipment company, which is renowned for its high-quality tennis products, including footwear and apparel. ASICS offers a diverse range of tennis shoes designed to cater to different playing styles and court surfaces. These shoes often incorporate advanced technologies such as Gel cushioning systems for shock absorption, durable outsoles for optimal traction, and supportive structures to enhance stability during lateral movements on the court.

In addition to footwear, ASICS provides a variety of tennis apparel that combines functionality with style. Their clothing is crafted from moisture-wicking materials, ensuring comfort during intense matches. The designs often blend modern aesthetics with the functionality required for peak athletic performance.


Yonex, a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer, has firmly established itself as a prominent and trusted brand in the world of tennis. Known for its commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance products, Yonex has become a preferred choice for many tennis players, ranging from beginners to elite professionals.


Sergio Tacchini is an Italian sportswear brand founded in 1966 by the Italian tennis player Sergio Tacchini. Sergio Tacchini has been a prominent player in the tennis apparel market. The brand is known for its classic and elegant designs, often incorporating a retro aesthetic. Over the years, many professional tennis players have worn Sergio Tacchini on the court.


Tennis Warehouse is an online retailer known for its extensive selection of tennis gear, including rackets, strings, shoes, apparel, and accessories. They ship internationally and are popular among tennis players of all levels.


Tennis Express offers a comprehensive range of products, including rackets, strings, shoes, and apparel. They also provide expert advice through their customer service.


Tennis Only is an online tennis retailer, which ships internationally and specializes in providing a wide range of tennis-related products. They offer a variety of tennis equipment, apparel, shoes, strings, bags, and accessories for players of all levels.


Lululemon, a well-known athletic and athleisure brand, is recognized for its high-quality activewear and apparel. While Lululemon is not traditionally associated with tennis-specific products, the brand does offer a range of athletic wear and accessories that may be suitable for tennis enthusiasts.


Nike, one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, has a significant presence in the realm of tennis. The brand offers a variety of tennis shoes designed to provide stability, durability, and comfort on the court. They also produce a comprehensive range of tennis apparel, including shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, and outerwear. Many iconic athletes, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams, have had partnerships with Nike. In addition to footwear and apparel, Nike offers tennis accessories such as hats, wristbands, and socks.


Recognized for its commitment to innovation and style, Adidas offers a range of tennis shoes designed to provide stability, durability, and comfort on various court surfaces. Adidas also produces comprehensive tennis apparel collections for both men and women. Adidas incorporates innovative materials and technologies to enhance breathability, moisture-wicking, and overall comfort during play. Adidas goes beyond basics with its tennis accessories, offering a line of hats, socks, and wristbands that mirror the brand’s distinctive aesthetic.

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